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Adding a New OSCAR Role Overview

A new OSCAR Role can be needed for a variety of reasons:

  1. For multi-disciplinary role based access within a single installation of OSCAR / CAISI
  2. To allow for multi-disciplinary role based access across multiple installations of OSCAR / CAISI across an integrated community agencies / clinics.
  3. To clearly demarcate records written by different disciplines within a single installation of OSCAR / CAISI.

In order to add a new OSCAR role you need to:

  1. Add A Role
  2. Assign Role Rights to Object


Type the role you wish to add into the search box.  Existing roles will autocomplete for editing.  If nothing shows click on search and if it is found to be a New Role, click Save to add it.

Document Categories

Add, inactivate and activate document categories

Document Description Template

Add default document description templates

Assign Role/Rights to Object

This function can be used to assign certain privileges (such as ‘Read’, ‘Write’, or ‘Delete’) to specific roles (Doctor, Nurse, etc.) or even to certain providers.  Choose from the drop down menus for the role or provider you wish to modify, then click the checkboxes of the objects and privileges you want to assign to them.

For example here the User Peter Hutten-Czapski is being given all rights to the _msg object

Special Note: In order to be able to properly log into OSCAR, the minimum ObjectID that is required is ” _appointment” with a read privilege.

Clinic/Agency Address

Allows for clinic wide setting of the clinic name address phone and such

Satellite-sites Admin

See article on Multisites for details

Consultation Settings


Allows you to maintain the links of providers, and the services they provide.

Here the search has narrowed the field of over 1,500 specialists to Dr Hutten-Czapski.  Clicking on his name will open a window for editing details for the consultant.

Customize Disease Registry Quick List

Allows you to add and remove common diagnosis to the quick lists

Customize Measurements

This is the management interface for measurements and their mappings

Prevention List Manager

Green tagged preventions will be shown in the prevention list.

Help Link Setting

The help link points to by default, but you can change this


Your messages

Messenger Group Admin

Adjust whom is available to message and in what group

Key Pair Generator

for secure communications, often for automated uploads of HL7 labs

Manage Facilities

Another place to put your clinic

Create New Flowsheet

Manage Flowsheets

Add Prevention Lot number

Search lot number by prevention

Jobs Management

Jobs lists the recurring actions that OSCAR has running.  You can edit when they are run with the calendar icon

Job Type Management

This links the job type with the relevant java class

Manage Lookup Lists

This page allows you to delete and add items to the lookup lists available throughout OSCAR

ISO3661-2 Manager

Click the link and it reloads your ISO3661-2 (Province/Country codes) into DB to the ISO36612 table

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