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What is OSCAR EMR?

OSCAR is a fully featured Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software program, designed by doctors for doctors, for use in medical offices. For a quick list of the key program features, click here. Besides by physicians, OSCAR is also used by a variety of other front line health care professionals, including registered midwives, social workers, psychologists, nurse practitioners and physiotherapists. OSCAR is an OPEN SOURCE project. To our knowledge OSCAR is the only widely deployed open source EMR system in Canada. The name “OSCAR” is an acronym for “Open Source Clinical Application Resource”.

OSCAR EMR Features at a Glance

      • Patient Charts
      • Medical Billing Software
      • Appointment Scheduling
      • Labs and Imaging
      • Forms and Templates
      • Letter Generation
      • Fax Integration
      • Prescriptions
      • Traffic Management and Statuses
      • Waitlists
      • Mobile-Friendly
      • Open-Source
      • Clinic Reporting
      • Intelligent, Friendly
      • And much more…

Various useful resources for OSCAR are posted on this site, including Knowledge Base/User Manual for OSCAR, downloads, info about OSCAR, and more…

Latest Additions

Below you can see the most recently added packages available for download. This site has a huge repository of OSCAR eForms, RBT’s and more available for download as well. For a list of all downloads for OSCAR, click here.