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Document Management System

OSCAR includes functionality for storing and retrieving documents, either linked to a patient, or to an OSCAR user, or public resources for all the users on your OSCAR system to access.

Documents can be almost any type of file format, including PDF, photos or Zip files.

Be careful to not upload any malicious files to OSCAR as it may compromise the security of the system.

Documents linked to a patient

There are 2 ways to upload documents to a patient’s chart:

  • In the patient’s Master record (demographic), click on “Add Document” to be taken to that patient’s document management section with the “Add Document” section expanded (you can also click “Documents” then “Add Document”)
  • In the patient’s eChart, click “Documents” to view a list of all the documents linked to that patient, or click “+” next to Documents to upload a new document

Then from both locations (from Master record and eChart), you will see this screen (Add Document is expanded in the example below):

Simply select a type, enter document title, choose a file to upload and click “Add”.

Clinic/User Documents

In OSCAR, you can also have documents that are not linked to a patient and are rather made public to your clinic’s OSCAR users or only visible to your user.

From the schedule screen, click “eDoc”:

This documents management screen is almost identical to the previous one, except these documents are not linked to any patient. Reasons OSCAR users use this clinic document management section includes, for example:

  • storing PDFs or resources that you want to access (check the Public box if you want all OSCAR users in your clinic to access the document)
    • frequently used forms (i.e. vaccine order forms, office policies…)
    • handouts or printouts that you frequently want to access

There are 2 classifications of document types: Clinic document types (accessible through eDoc on the schedule screen), and types for documents linked to patients. These document types are configurable through Administration.

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