Interior Health CT Requisition

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Interior Health CT Requisition

Update Feb2023:  the original background was missing fields for patient name, DOB, and PHN - which seem quite important.  There are two updated versions - with and without fax.

Created by OSCAR BC

Originally created April 2022. The usual format did not have built-in fax capacity.  With assistance and persistence from GraceL, the eFORM was adapted to provide fax capability. The compromise was removing any "wet signature option" and more importantly, any CAR guideline references.  In Nov2022 - the background was changed after 1 yr with the old background. Attached are the latest versions.

N.B. Full fax capability is still under construction.  The stripped down (non-fax) edition is fully functional.

IH_CT_requisition_V5_Dec14_2022 - no fax feature.

IH_CT_req_with_Fax_V7_Dec15_2022 - fax enabled.

Older versions may be rejected by Interior Health.


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