Height and Weight Converter

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Height and Weight Converter

Greasemonkey script to convert ht and wt from metric to imperial and place the imperial measurements in the comments. Used in the measurements section - instructions from Stanley Hurwitz: --- 1. Set up a measurement screen called "BMI and converter" 2. Add measurement types BMI, HT, WT 3. Load attached GreaseMonkey script. ----- Extra Programming Information --- This script can be adapted for any measurement screen: 1. @include line: Change groupName=BMI* to the name of your existing measurement screen. 2. inputValue-2 and comments-2: replace 0, 1 and 2 with the number corresponding to the field row numbers of BMI, WT and HT on your measurement screen. The first row is 0(zero). The results should post automatically to the encounter screen on submitting the form.

V2 is without button

V7 is with button: This version includes a button to do the body mass index calculation. As Oscar will do this for you automatically when you have entered both ht and wt and then hit tab, the button is not necessary. The code does show you how to add buttons to the greasemonkey script.

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