Share Your eForm / RBT

Did you create an eForm or RBT and wish to share it with the public so other OSCAR users can benefit from it? The OSCAR community loves sharing knowledge and helpful resources such as eForms & RBT’s, so why not help others save time by sharing your eForm / RBT on this site (the largest repository).

After verifying that it is not already listed, you are able to fill the form below with the details of your eForm. It will be reviewed for security, and then listed on this site under the downloads page if it does not already exist. Proper attribution is provided when the content is published, so make sure to include your name (the listing’s description will include “Shared by Your Name). If the content you submit already exists on the downloads page, it won’t be published (no duplicates).

eForms uploaded must be in the .zip format. RBT’s must be in .txt format.

Click HERE to submit your eForm or RBT for review