Updated eForms – December 2022

The Dementia Algorithm eForm has been updated.

This tool was developed as a Shared Care project in Fraser Northwest Division with consultation from Geriatricians – Drs. Leena Jain, Peter O’Connor – and the Dementia Working Group, funded by the Specialists Services Commission (SCC).  There are many dependencies to other eFORMS (oscaropen) that require proper naming conventions for the links to work:  MMSE, 1.1 Lab Requisition, FHA Imaging, Geriatric Depression Scale, PHQ-9, Alcohol Screening Assessment, FHA Home Health, DNR, HandyDartCard Application, SA CI, and MoCA.  Clearly, some of these eFORMS are geographically restricted and adjustments are required if working in a different Health Authority.

The goal of this eFORM was to enhance our ability to manage this ever-more prevalent condition.  Comments and ideas for further updates welcome.

Here is the Finchview Xray and Ultrasound eForm posted.

It should work with stamp.js, or hand signed signature on screen, and even the Well fork signature standard format.
There is a prefilled fax number you can click to fax as well, if you have fax setup. It has all the Print, Submit, and PDF buttons working as well.
Kevin Lai