Official Announcement

** Announcement **

Starting today, those who helped bring and to Canada and the world, are pleased to announce the creation of our OSCAR Galaxy community website, the “OG”:

When OSCAR was originally conceived, I released OSCAR with the founding values of open source, collaboration, and building community. It was never meant to be owned or controlled by a single entity or person, but to be an ever growing community collaborative effort. It is open to all who want to join in our shared values, to grow with us, to learn from each other with feedback, and to teach each other to do a better job in caring for our patients.

The founding organizational structure of OSCAR Galaxy is as follows:

Site administration: David Chan, Earl Wertheimer, Peter Hutton-Czapski, Michael Yingbull

Editorial Board: Kevin Lai, Peter Hutton-Czapski, John Yap, John Robertson, Michael Yingbull, David Chan, Earl Wertheimer

Invited Contributors (others welcomed): Dennis Warren, Joseph Dal Molin, Madeline Barber Dal Molin, Adrian Starzinski

This new endeavour is generously supported by OSCAR-BC and OpenOSP, who are providing guidance and financial support. You can show your support by becoming members of these organizations, who have shown tremendous support for OSCAR over the years.

To let go and to share is risky, and requires faith and trust in people. I will continue to have hope and have faith in the way. The world may come and pass away, and stars may shine and eventually fade; but our community of values will stand forever. This movement is larger than any one of us, and together we are better for it.

David Chan, MD, CCFP, MSc, FCFP
Professor Emeritus
Department of Family Medicine
McMaster University