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Waiting List

The Waiting List

Click on Report from the Appointment screen


  1. Choose option 17 – Waiting List
  2. Click on ‘Create list’ at the top right of the screen, its to the right of the Generate Report Button
  3. Create a New Name by Entering a Title or Provider Name for the list in the blank and then Click create.
  4. Choose to change the name of the list by Clicking Create List
  5. Select a Waiting list Name to be changed – from the drop down menu
  6. Typing in the New Name in the blank space – then click change name

To Add an Existing Patient to a Waiting List

To add a existing patient to a waiting list you must ‘edit’ their Master Demographic

  1. Choose the Waiting list drop down – select the list to which they should be added.  (When you create a new patient the waiting list option is available immediately.)
  2. You can add notes about the patient in the waiting list note.
  3. Enter the date of the request.
  4. Then “Update Record”

Reviewing the Waiting Lists

  1. Click on Report from the appointment screen
  2. Choose option 17 – Waiting List
  3. Click on the down arrow to select the waiting list you need and then click Generate Report.

Book Appointment from the Waiting List

  1. After you have reviewed the list as above, click on the down arrow to choose the provider with whom you wish to book an appointment.
  2. Click Make appointment on the right hand side of the screen. You will be brought into the flip view of that provider’s scheduler.(Squares that are ‘grayed’ out have already been booked – therefore not available)
  3. Click on the date, time you wish to book and you will returned to the regular, “make appointment tab” Enter appointment notes as usual then click add appointment.  OSCAR will prompt you that you are now removing the patient from the Waiting list.

Removing a Patient from the Waiting List without booking an appointment.

  1. Select Report – Choose #16 Waiting List
  2. Select the Waiting list that you wish to review from the drop down list and then click Generate Report
  3. Move your cursor to select REMOVE beside the patient demographic whom you wish taken off the list.  Confirm OSCAR’s prompt to Remove the selected name from the waiting List.
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