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Integration Management

API/Connections REST Clients

Integrator Preferences

Integrator allows you to synchronize patients across several OSCAR servers.  Here you manage which patients are integrated.

Send data electronically to another OSCAR

If you have exchanged keys with another OSCAR instance and have its eData URL listed in the specialist/contact listing, you can send them messages and files electronically

Update Drugref

This utility allows OSCAR to download the latest list of drugs approved by Health Canada.  It takes about an hour to update.

Know2Act Configuration

This allows you to configure Know2Act and to load available Preventions and Limited Use codes from Know2Act

Clinical Connect Configuration

ClinicalConnect is a web-based portal that allows healthcare providers to access patient medical information from various health care organizations in SouthWest Ontario. OSCAR has integrated with ClinicalConnect to allow clinicians to have greater access to their patient’s medical information.

Logging In with ONE ID

Users are only able to access ClinicalConnect when logged in to ONE ID:
1. Start by clicking the ONE ID icon on the log in screen.
2. The ONE ID icon will open a separate window . To continue to the log in screen, select “ONE ID” as your organization in the dropdown and click NEXT.
3. Enter your ONE ID credentials in the page that loads and click LOGIN.
4.If you have not logged into ONE ID through OSCAR before, you will be re-directed back to the OSCAR log in screen to enter your OSCAR credentials. Entering your OSCAR credentials maps them to your ONE ID credentials. Going forward, you will only be required to log in to ONE ID.
5. As part of your login, eHealth Ontario may require that you answer a security question or input a validation code sent to your phone.

Forgotten Login ID or Password

If you forget your log in credentials for ONE ID, attempt to login and Click on the FORGOT LOGIN ID or FORGOT PASSWORD link to locate your Login ID or reset your password.
If you receive an error while logging in to ONE ID, follow the contact information provided as part of the ONE ID error message. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, it is recommended that you log in with your OSCAR credentials until the issue has been resolved.

Accessing ClinicalConnect

There are two ways to access ClinicalConnect within OSCAR, one in non-patient context and another in patient context.
1. The OSCAR main menu contains a link for a non-contextual launch of ClinicalConnect .
2. Patient eCharts contain a Provincial EHR Services tab with a ClinicalConnect Viewer link. This will launch ClinicalConnect and open the profile of the patient.

Setting User Preferences

ClinicalConnect closes automatically when the eChart of the patient, from which the ClinicalConnect application was launched, is closed. To disable this functionality:

1. Access the Preferences tab on the Main OSCAR window
2. Scroll down and click the “Set ClinicalConnect Preferences” link
3. Click on the checkbox next to “Disable Close Window” (Figure 6)
4. Click on the “Save” button
When users log out of ONEID a warning message appears that reminds users to close all browser windows containing patient information. To disable this functionality
1. Access the Preferences tab on the Main OSCAR window
2. Scroll down and clicking the “Set ClinicalConnect Preferences” link
3. Click on the checkbox next to “Disable Logout Warning”
4. Click on the “Save” button
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