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Brief Summary of a Patient Encounter

This is an quick primer for clinicians on how to enter a clinical note in OSCAR with links to further details

  1. Login to OSCAR, this will open the schedule screen (see: Accessing OSCAR)
  2. Click “E” next to the patient you are going to see (see: Accessing the Encounter Screen)
  3. The chart will open, so ensure that the demographic details at the top are for the patient/client in front of you
  4. Type your encounter note in the blank box at the bottom
  5. Create any required prescriptions, eForms, consultation requests, preventions, ticklers, messages, CPP etc.
    For a complete list of eChart functions check the overview.
  6. When done with the encounter, exit by either:
    -Clicking the money icon which will save and sign your note and take you to the billing screen; see ON Encounter Billing or BC Encounter Billing
    -OR click the pen icon  to save sign and exit the encounter note without billing.
  7. Repeat these steps for all other patients on the schedule
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