RBT: LFP Panel report

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RBT: LFP Panel report

LFP Panel Report Export: This RBT was kindly created by Doctors of BC for Oscar users.  It creates a list of AC (active) patients from your panel.  This assumes you have done the needed empanelment work to ensure only truly active patients are on the list.  The report is exported as an XLS file and sent securely to Dr. Bill to do bulk billing of fee code 98990, along with diagnostic code L23, to attribute the panel to the billing physician.  This is done without cost to the Oscar user.

Panel Report Export for Provincial Attachment System (PAS) and Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) - Active patients by provider (First Name, Last Name, PHN and Date of Birth). NOTE: When exporting, use Export to XLS.

This RBT can be used by providers of Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP), Fee For Service (FFS) and Alternate Payment Models.

Dr. Bill (scroll down a bit):  https://www.dr-bill.ca

Additional info found here: https://doctorsofbc-communicationsdept.cmail20.com/t/t-e-zulhihd-jhhyiihjid-m/

and here:  https://www.doctorsofbc.ca/sites/default/files/lfp_emr_orientation_guide_-_oscar.pdf

The process is very quick.  You do need to know how to upload an RBT, however.

For further info - contact:  LFP.Billing@doctorsofbc.ca

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