Prenatal Genetic Screening Form for BC

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Prenatal Genetic Screening Form for BC

Updated 2021-Jun-23 08:32 - 2021 updates include detuned print/submit; updated links, and improved font-formatting. Hopefully this will display better for Windows users.

Latest Updated Feb 2019 - Removed EDD references, and using solely EDC. Still requires CRL measurement. Complete the Maternity Care Calendar first, and calculate the EDC from that eForm, for best results with the PGS eForm. Web links have been updated. If you have an older version, you'll have to archive, rename, or delete the existing eForm in order to zip in the new one. If not sure, ask your OSP for assistance. N.B. The background is the same from Feb2014.


V12_Dec12_2021 has updated links for funded NIPT and references for additional surveillance for high risk ethnic populations (see First Nations).


V13_Mar27_2022 - lucky to find a bug that causes the background image to shift vertically, in the latest FireFox update.  Fixed here!  It's otherwise the same as V12.

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