Patient Label (multi-format)

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Patient Label (multi-format)

This eForm allows you to pick the label format you want.
There are currently 3 pre-defined layouts and are easy to modify as needed.

Neat tweak: You can add a link to the Label printing eForm to the appointment screen very easily...
ie. After the LName,FName | E2 | E | B | M | Rx
Use Preferences, 'eForms to display on appointment screen' and select the eForm (eg. Patient Label).
It will add a Pa to the list that can be easily clicked anytime you need a label for that patient.

You may have to change the oscarDB=hinqc to oscarDB=hin or oscarDB=hinc.
I added hinqc to apconfig.xml to format the HIN to the commonly used format in Quebec (LLLF YYMM DDXX )

To make the printing bigger, just change the height: and font-size: in the 2 css sections.

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